Thursday, December 23, 2004


story ideas... ok so things I can use from real life
the theater thing
the p/b conspiracy
my side boys
past relationships
my fathers current fiasco
heather's crime
dream about the world in darkness.. other planet
dream about the eyes filling up
dream about saving the boy
I just want to write.. I don't want to speak.. it is like talking to the air... to no one.. to just myself. I think that I could like a life where I wrote for a living.. only I don't want to do reporting.. I just want to talk and make stuff up and see what I see and speculate about the world. I think I do that now only I forget to write it down.. instead I make the mistake of trying to talk to people about it. Oh...
the dragon world dream
maybe I could write about singing because I am so passionate about it. And I don't think that many people ever write about something set in the singing world... maybe my books could bring more people into the barbershop world. That would be cool.
trial run
ok so you have to start with ... a main story ... where barbershop is the side note but the cool thing that sets the character apart.. the thing that makes her succeed ... makes her great when the world sucks. The one thing she can rely on. Ok so main story... a relationship story? a family story? a fight the bad guys story? a powers of darkness story... that could work.. and the light and the joy that a buzzing chord causes actually repells darkness... oh that would be kinda cool. and because there is always a relationship issue I could include that as well. Dude... why don't I just write out my life and then mess with it. I think it might actually make a good story. An autobiography. But do I wanna tell that stuff to the world? well, why not.. whose actually reading this anyway? more on that later I guess. I tihnk I have to get going and accomplish in my day.. I have had too many days off in a row I think. I work tomorrow but it will be dead... maybe I will write more then. Now I need to make sure I have everything to sing tonight.


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