Friday, March 11, 2005

things people say

"If I shut up completely I can't talk, nothing comes out. It pisses me off" -Urioste

"Riots occur not to accomplish something but because people are pissed" -Urioste

"Crazy Uber-terrorist there" -U

"Quick! Kill it before it breeds!" -don't remember but I quote it

"I bet women contribute a lot to Oral.... history I mean"- Steven

"We are pretty nasty. We are more nasty than most primates. Probably all primates." -U

Phone conversation held between Prof U and ??? during the lecture he was giving:
They asked "Where is the big sponge?"
He says to us, " I don't know what they are doing ... their wives won't let them do anything and in my house anything goes."
(the image in my head really makes this whole thing work)

"I didn't realize this until I watched West Wing; we are always right politically" -older gal in class
my response: OMG! ummm... IQ points or Social Distortion? layman: idiot

"Holy war- justified by history... holy to somebody"- U class notes

"Pure science- for sake of knowledge; Applied science- for sake of change" -U class notes
(I just found that interesting)

Thing from the video in class this week:
"As long as there is one to sing, one to dance, one to speak, one to listen, as long as you have all four, life will go on."
(pretty cool I think)

K enough for now.


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