Monday, September 26, 2005

new dreams

Fri night:
brother and sister
dad and mom are evil/devil like
kill people- part of the family business
they want to have fmaily meeting
mom & dad trying to get bro & sis to take over for them.
Live in the house
Are haunting people they know
Family meeting: so late that sis gets mad and takes off with her friend.
Maybe that happens earlier...
flashback: bro & sis had normal life before mom & dad started interfereing
This could be funny & scary ... Interesting concept
maybe parents trying to kill them to "help them out"

Sat night:
Dreamed about royal line hidden because of the normal last of the line someone wants to kill them off thing. Had back way into apartment on the street ... a hide out place safe house... I was all ninja-y and knew the ways in and out of things. Was one of the crown wearing gals.


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