Wednesday, November 02, 2005

new intro?

thinking of opening the story with this....

They were coming after her. Oh how she hated spiders. Across the desert to the cliffs, she ran as fast as she could. Got to get away... please... don't eat me.. run run run.. get away get away. Her heart was pumping. Got to get to the cliffs.

She reached the base of the cliffs and started climbing. She looked over her shoulder and there they were. The giant beastly spiders. Big, black, hairy spiders with huge dripping fangs. Panicky hands reached up for another hold, but it didn't matter how fast or hard she climbed, she never got any higher. They were coming. She was going to die. And then... her hand slipped.

Charlie heard a scream and then jumped. He had been watching while the frantic brunette made her dash to the cliffs. He knew what would happen. He knew she would try to climb because they always do. Terror. It makes people do interesting things. He had to give the girl credit, she did move rather fast. She had almost ditched those spiders before she started climbing the cliff he had been standing on.

Time to go to work, he thought to himself as he jumped to save the girl. He caught her mid-fall, then landed on the desert floor with ease. Once the girl was safe she disappeared from his arms. She wouldn't remember the man that saved her from that deadly fall. All she would remember is the moment her hand slipped, the moment she realized she would die. The spiders had vanished when the girl did. Charlie closed his eyes and got ready to deal with the night's next adventure.

Angela woke suddenly and sat up clutching her blanket. She was sweating and her heart was beating rapidly. Her eyes darted around the room but the night was so dark not even one shadow haunted her walls. She slowly laid back down. “No more scary movies before bed,” she muttered, then tried to go back to sleep. Across town an owl called into the night.

* * *

Walking home from the bar, Brandon jumped at the broken silence. “What was that?”

Its just an owl dude,” Joe answered. Last call had been an hour ago, but the bartender had let them finish off two more rounds before kicking them out. Now Joe was helping Brandon walk back to his house. It only took one street for Joe to realize he might not be sober enough to act as a crutch. He seriously considered just picking his friend up. Brandon was not small, but Joe had always been into weight lifting and contact sports, so he kept his body in good shape. He liked being bigger and stronger than everyone. With his good looks, tan skin, and blond hair, Joe liked to think of himself as a hero waiting to happen. He had already decided that if the opportunity were to arise, he might even put on some spandex pants and a cape. In his musing Joe tripped, then barely caught Brandon before he hit the sidewalk. “Sorry buddy,” Joe said, then rubbed his eyes before throwing Brandon's arm around his shoulder once again. As they walked down the street Joe looked up and realized that he couldn't see the moon. All he saw was an inky black sky. He looked over at Brandon who was focused at his feet, desperately trying to put one foot in front of the other in a futile attempt to walk a straight line. The yellow glow cast by the street lights made his face look almost inhuman. His eyes looked like liquid silver and his skin looked hollow. For a moment, Joe was taken in by the sight. He shook it off and kept walking. “Got to get you home, B. Keep walking. Come on, its not far now,” Joe said. They only had one more street to go. The next light they passed under suddenly went dark and an icy wind pushed its way through them. Joe tensed up and quickened his pace. “I don't like this B. Its too dark. Lets hurry up and get inside,” Joe whispered. Goosebumps aside, Brandon seemed unfased. “I've faced worse,” he muttered. Joe glanced over at Brandon as they turned down Lilac Brush Lane. He decided Brandon's comment was alcohol induced and started toward the gray house on the left.


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